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Canada Goose sale : a real problem of false

Canada Goose sale : a real problem of false

You’ve probably noticed a few years the popularity of the brand Canada Goose coats.

Canada Goose sale

Finally, I say popularity, but we should rather speak of madness, of unbridled, trend love encompassing the entire planet teenager, all the hipster world and a good part of the planet “not want to be cold this winter.

Even at about $ 600 each, price in adult size of the most famous model, child jacket Chilliwack – Canada goose Outlet version is sold near$ 400 – these coats are selling like hotcakes and around town. Sales rose 80 percent last year, recently confided to me in an interview Canada Goose Sale┬áVice President of global marketing for Canada Goose, Kevin Spreekmeester. Growth expected this year: 60%.

This brand of Toronto, 100% Canadian, which employs 700 people in the Canada and who manufactures since 1957 outfits for extreme cold, is a gigantic commercial success in recent years in the world of the garment.
Collar fur, dense painting, chubby style characteristic of the generous padding down, red and white coat…

I’m sure that you have ever seen and you know what I mean. If you have a teenager, you has probably Canada goose Sale been implored to buy a.

What you may not, however, is that in recent years, the Super Celebrity of these very expensive products has triggered its corollary: counterfeiting. Everywhere on the planet, organized crime has seen among the worshipers of the brand unable to afford these luxury products – including young teens – an ideal market for the fake, cheap.


By going on the internet, you can see quickly: the web Cheap Canada goose is full of dealers of fake Canada Goose, offering their products for $ 200, which is three times less expensive.

“It began some three or four years ago, notes Mr. Spreekmeester, and then two years ago, all of a sudden, it took on enormous proportions.”

The Canadian company began to see coats appear in shops in countries where it had no distributor. On eBay, at ridiculously low prices. And then came all those sites who give themselves airs of official platforms, but, when you look at them closely, are not at all.

All major brands are victims of these thieves of name. The overall turnover of counterfeiters worldwide, between 5% and 7% of the official trade is estimated at 450 billion.

But if the Louis Vuitton and other Gucci face the scourge forever, it is rare that the Canadian brands taste much.

Fake Canada Goose jackets are made in China in factories working under the radar of the protectors of the brand, but also the working standards, says Mr. Spreekmeester. And, of course, of manufacturing standards.

Canadian society has bought some and made them analyze. Some were padded to “mulch” feathers or the waste of feathers, bacteria and mold as a bonus. At an imitator, the neck fur was not the Coyote, but raccoon or even of the German Shepherd!

A few months ago, a forger of Canada Goose has been convicted and sent to prison in China. And Canadian society continues to seek the help of the RCMP and other police Canada goose Discount units to combat organized crime. Because these manufacturers are rarely independent small looking for easy money, made on the backs of other marketing. What are rather pawns in outlaw quite larger networks.

Buy fake, is therefore not do nose to unaffordable brands that some will say that they don’t deserve it by selling their products at the same prices. Buy fake, it’s rather encourage a parasite industry of the symbolism of the brands. A criminal industry that paradoxically, feeds this superficiality of love a brand for the brand.

In Canada, however, can you blame Canada goose Jackets online our children succumbing to the fashion of these super hot jackets? These same teenagers who, not so long ago refused to put a coat and a hat in the winter…

How to recognize a fake Canada Goose coat

> If it was bought on the web, in one online store officially recommended by Canada Goose Toronto sale society on its web site. The company does not sell online itself, but recommend officially the sellers.

> Attention to sellers of fakes on the internet, they are cunning: some have even have the nerve to put their ads on Facebook, on the real brand FB page.

> Check the logo. Counterfeiters have difficulty to reproduce perfectly.